Fence Guide and Tips

Cattle Fence: for pasture fencing, use at least 6-Strand Barb Wire or Combination Net Wire & Barb Wire.

4-Strand Barb Wire can be used for internal cross fencing. Pipe or Pipe & Panel for handling facilities.

Sheep, Goat and Predator Control Fence should be Net Wire with 4 point Barb Wire both on top and under the Net Wire.

For predator control, a 4×4 square Net Wire is recommended.

Many Sheep and Goat Fences can also be used for yard fences in Rural Settings.

Wild Hog Control: Should be built like predator control fence, with a High Tensil Fix Knot Wire.

We recommend this for all fences, but is essential for Hog Control.

Horse Fencing: should be 5-6 Strand Smooth or Barb Wire. Smooth Wire should be used where riders safety is a concern.

Corrals and paddocks, either Pipe Fence or Non-Climb Net Wire with squares large enough for horse to get foot in.

Chain Link: we offer everything from residential to commercial and penitentiary grade. Ideal for keeping the dog and children in, and the bad guys out; or vice versa.

Privacy Fence: we offer All Steel Privacy and Wood Privacy Fences.

Ask about our all galvanized lifetime fence.

Custom Entrys: we offer complete Custom Entry Ways, including all Iron Work and Masonary Work. Custom Built Gates, Design’s and Logo’s Electric and Solar Gate Operator’s.

Site Prep: we offer Complete Site Prep, Fence Line Clearing, Grading, Brush Clearing Land Development, Pasture Scaping and Control Burning.

Complete Tractor and Skid Steer Services, Rock Drilling, Post Hole Drilling, Post Driving Shreeding, Tree Shear, Trentching, Rock Removal, Also Moving Rocks and Stacking.

Custom Hay Bailing

Materials: we will consider any materials to accommodate customer custom specifications. We highly recommend All Steel Construction for Farm and Ranch Fences.

We use all Welding Pipe Braces with a Steel T-Post ever 8 to 16 feet. A Pipe Stiffner Post every 50 to 100 feet. All post driven to adequate depth. SOLID ROCK IS NO PROBLEM

Vineyards: we are on the cutting edge of the Wine-Grape Industry in Central Texas. WE have completed construction on numerous vineyards from small backyard vineyards to large vineyards, conver dozons of acres. We offer both trellis’s and deer perimeter fencing. Most well known is the Thirsty Mule Winery and Vineyard in Liberty Hill, Texas


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